The HON Company - Sale #1
Assets no longer required for continuing operations of The Hon Company's Muscatine, IA facilities. Auction includes Metal Fabricating Machinery, Metal Milling Machinery, Press Brakes, CNC Machining Center, Vertical Mills, Surface Grinders, Welding Equipment, Punch Press, Iron Worker, Forklift, Boom Lift, Bridge Crane, Panel Brush Cleaner, Borers, Electrical Equipment, Racking and much, much more!
Muscatine, IA
Bidding Closes: 8/3/20 @ 1:30 PM EDT
Lot # Description
1 Amada RG-100 (100 Ton) Hydraulic CNC Press Brake (1999)
2 Amada RG-5020LD (50 Ton) Hydraulic CNC Press Brake (1999)
3 Amada RG-3512LD (35 Ton) Hydraulic CNC Press Brake (1999)
4 Amada FBD-8025F (80 Ton) Hydraulic CNC Press Brake (1992)
5 Stamtec G2-200 (200 Ton) Open Back Double Crank Press (1987)
6 Miller Blue Star 180K CC-DC Welder with 5000 Watt Generator
7 Miller Invision 456P DC Inverter Arc Welder with MIG Wire Feeder
8 Hypertherm Powermax 800 Plasma Cutter
9 Lincoln IdealArc TIG 250/250 AC/DC Arc Welding Power Source
10 Genie Z-30/20HD Electric Boom Lift
11 Baldor 250 Hp Electric Motor
12 Teco Westinghouse 200 Hp Electric Motor
13 Toshiba 250 HP Electric Motor
14 Haas VF-3 CNC Vertical Machining Center (1997)
15 Kawasaki Mule 550 Gasoline Utility Cart (1999)
16 Handling Systems International (5 Ton) Bridge Crane with Yale Hoist (2015)
17 Bielomatik Plastic Vibration Welder (2013)
18 SEW-EuroDrive Gear Reducers (Qty 2)
19 Becker Vacuum Blower and Compressed Air Storage Tank
20 JC Cross Gear Reducer
21 Kysor Johnson Horizontal Bandsaw
22 Amada Pega 305072 (30 Ton) NC Turret Punch Press (1998)
23 Vitap Alfa 27T Construction Line Borer (2012)
24 Banner Resistance Spot Welder with BF Entron Controls
25 Toyota (5,000 Lb) Capacity Propane Forklift
26 Edwards Jaws IV (50 Ton) Hydraulic Iron Worker
27 Palatek 50UDG Rotary Screw Air Compressor
28 Nichols Hydraulic Lay Back Machine
29 Gorbel Bridge Crane With Vacuum Lifter Head
30 Electrical Enclosures and Controls On Pallet
31 Spot Welding Controls And items On Pallet
32 Square D Three Pole Electronic Trip Circuit Breaker
33 Square D Three Pole Electronic Trip Circuit Breaker
34 Electrical Enclosures and Controls On Pallet
35 Trabon And ARO Pumps On Pallet
36 American Hydraulic Pump and Tank (2014)
37 Hytrol Rubber Belted Conveyor Table
38 Robo Cylinder Actuators, Trailer Hitches and Controls on Pallet
39 GE, Acme and Hevi-Duty Power Transformers on Pallet
40 Northern (8 Ton) Hydraulic Engine Hoist
41 Electronic Controls and Maintenance Items On Pallet
42 Blue-M OV-18A Heat Treating Oven
43 Entron EN1000 Welding Controllers (Qty 2)
44 Roman Resistance Welder Transformer and Pump
45 Koolant Kooler Welding Chiller Unit
46 Chromalox Infrared Light Fixtures (Qty 2)
47 Plastic Collapsible Crate with Welding Control Parts
48 Despatch LDB-1-67 Heat Treating Oven
49 Roman Welding Transformer On Pallet
50 Highlight Spiral Fantom Manual Stretch Wrapping Machine
51 FMH Nestaflex 226 Expandable Gravity Skate Conveyor Table
52 Kooltronics Electrical Enclosure Air Conditioning Units and Battery Charger
53 FMH Nestaflex 226 Expandable Gravity Skate Conveyor Table (Unused)
54 FMH Nestaflex 226 Expandable Gravity Skate Conveyor Table (Unused)
55 Electrical and Maintenance Items on Pallet
56 Hoffman Wireway, Rockford Detect-A-Finger Safety Devices and Misc Items on Pallet
57 Entron Resistance Spot Welding Controller
58 Holophane High Bay Fluorescent and Toffer Ceiling Lights
59 Strapak JK-2B Table Strapping Machine
60 Toledo 2181 Honest Weight (1,500 LB) Capacity Floor Scale
61 Steel Automotive Engine Work Stands (Qty 2)
62 Strapak RQ-8 Table Strapping Machine
63 Vitap Construction Line Borer
64 American Hydraulic Pump and Tank
65 Meco Steel Cantilever Storage Racking
66 Roach Roller Powered Conveyor Table (Unused)
67 Ovalstrapping Feed Through Strapper
68 Lantech Powered Roller Conveyor Table
69 Roach (68") Steel Powered Roller Conveyor Table
70 Black Brothers 490 (72") Panel Brush Cleaner
71 Duravalve Valves in Crate (Unused)
72 Misc Items on Pallet (Particle Analyzer, Grease Guns, Etc.)
73 Roach Rubber Belted Conveyor Table
74 Hoffmann Nema Type 12 Electrical Enclosure (Unused)
75 Plastic Collapsible Crate with Plastic Storage Bins
76 Anver and Tawi Vacuum Lifter Heads on Pallet
77 Plastic Collapsible Crate with Plastic Storage Bins
78 Scheppach HD040 Vacuum and Teqnivent Dust Collector On Pallet
79 Square D Safety Switch And Enclosures on Pallet
80 Entron EN1000 Resistance Spot Welder Controller
81 Cincinnati Blower Fan (Unused)
82 Fluke Meters and Tri-Leg Stands on Pallet
83 ACCO RightWay Electrical Chain Hoist and Trolley
84 Hoffmann Electrical Enclosure with Controls
85 Electrical Enclosures with Controls
86 Sand Blasting Beads, Catalyst And Misc Items On Pallet
87 Electrical Enclosure with Allen Bradley Panel View PLC Controls
88 Plastic Collapsible Crate with Misc Contents
89 Electrical Enclosures and Controls on Pallet
90 Plastic Collapsible Crate with Plastic Storage Bins
91 Interlake HF16A Wire Stitcher
92 Interlake HF16A Wire Stitcher
93 Exide Forklift Battery Charger
94 Air Hose Reel and Cutter Machine Vises on Pallet
95 Steel Storage Systems Space-Saver Cantilever Storage Rack
96 Herco Hawk 5SSM CNC Vertical Milling Machine with Tooling
97 Kent SGS-1020AH Automatic Surface Grinder
98 Industrial Air Technology Blower Fan Blade (Unused)
99 Electra Heat Treating Furnace
100 Granite Inspection Surface Plate
101 Starrett Crystal Pink Inspection Granite Surface Plate
102 Starrett Crystal Pink Inspection Granite Surface Plate
103 Brandt KSP-10 Plastic T-Molding Insertion Machine with Edge Slotting Station
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