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Koetter Woodworking and other manufacturers auction machinery & equipment no longer required for their continuing operations. All auction items have been consolidated to Kentuckiana Trading, LLC for the convenience of sale.

Borden, IN

Closing Online: August 27th, 28th & 29th

Machinery Consisting Of:

Air Compressors & Dryers




Bridge Crane

Clamp Carriers


CNC Routers & Machining Centers



Counter Top Saws

Cut Off Saws

Double Miter Saws

Dovetail Equipment

Drill Presses

Dust Collection

Edge Sanders


Electrical Components

End Matchers


Finishing Lines & Equipment

Flooring / Panels

Forklifts & Order Pickers

Gang Rip Saws

Glass Components

Grinders & Sharpeners


Hogs & Waste Grinders




Lumber Handling


Material Handling

Metal Working

Misc. Maintenance Equip. & Supplies

Misc. Sanders

Misc. Saws

Miscellaneous Equipment

Miter Saws




Optimizing Cut Off Saws

Packaging Equipment

Pallet Jacks

Pallet Machinery

Panel Cleaners

Panel Saws



Profile Sanders

Radial Arm Saws


Roll Coaters


Scissor Lifts



Sheet Goods

Stacking Sticks

Stake Pointers

Straight Line Rip Saws

Stroke Sanders


Table Saws


Textiles - Misc.

Tooling & Accessories

Upcut / Chop Saws

Veneer Machinery

Waste Grinders

Welding Equipment

Wide Belt Sanders
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Celaschi TSA-4B-720/A Programmable Double End Tenenor W/Jump Dado Bridge (1994-95)

Komo Protec Excell 4016TC CNC Router

Fruilmac Randomat E End Matcher

Newman Whitney S-382-HD Top and Bottom Head Planer

Mereen Johnson 424DC Gang Rip Saw

Doucet EM End Matcher

Striebig Optisaw Automat III Panel saw

Brandt Optimat KD55 Edgebander (2002)

DMC Topsand 1350, 4-Head Wide Belt Sander, 54" Capacity

Genie Z-45/22 Lift

Veco Plan 4220 Grinder Shredder

Mereen Johnson 312DC 12" Gang Saw

Keystone Machinery 2072 Stake Pointer (2006)

Voorwood A178 Shape & Sand

Tyler Excel Resaw

Whitney S-370 Planer

Fletcher FM-455-2 Profile Sander

Heesemann KSA4, 5-Head Cross Belt and Straight Grain Sander, 54" Capacity

Weinig Unimat U17 Moulder

Weinig Unimat 22E 6 Head Moulder (1986)

Armstrong 3LH VariSharp CNC Bandsaw Sharpner

SCMI CL92 Sander

Kaeser BS61 Screw Air Compressor (1994)

Hasko HSSS Automatic In-Line Strip & Scrap Chopper

Stegherr BOF Radius Router

Heesemann 9810287 Panel Cleaner

Carlson 02011D Frame Clamp

Sanding Master SCSB3-900 (36") 3-Head Wide Belt Sander

Woodmizer LT15 Vertical Edger

Linde Baker H45D 9,000lb Capacity Forklift

Morbidelli Author 700 CNC Router (1999)

Simonds RSMO 980 Auto Bench

Oakley P-10XL CNC Polisher

Weining R931 Tooling Grinder

US Concepts CTS-130 Shaper

M10XL Overhead Bridge Crane

SCMI D80KS3B Double End Tenenor

Zimmerman Quarter Ton Tonner

Diehl D-8 4-Head Moulder

Rhodes Finish Line

Morando PA 24x120 Engine Lathe

Challoner 521 Double End Teneoner

Diehl 75 Straightliner

Onsrud WT2-1284H Linear Contour Shaper

American Lift 8000lb HD Lift Table on Track System

Oakley H-5 Edge Stroke Sander

Southworth Lift Table

Southworth 8000lb Capacity Lift Table

Simonds TS-06 Automatic Tooth Staightner

Sullair 10-25 ac/ac 24kt Screw Air Compressor

Sicotte J-3-H Multi-Head Drill

Battle Wagon Bag House for Cyclone Dust Collector

Torit MIC-1390-155 20HP Dust Collector

Rees-Memphis C-1030-8 10HP Relay Dust Collector

Norment and Lambert 301-12 12" Jointer

Mid Organ Moulder In-Feed

Weinig U17AL 5-Headed Moulder

Weinig U22A 5-Headed Moulder

Toyota 3-Wheeled Forklift 24V w/Charger

Jenkins Double End Trim Saw

Weinig Rondamat 929 Profile Knife Grinder

Northtech KL-24K Sander

Taylor 8.5 ft. X 20 Section "T" Bar Clamp Carrier

Dubois RS-26 Scuff Sander

Dubois RRC-48, 48" Reverse Roll Coater

Uhling HP 3000 Case Clamp

Giardina Top & Bottom Head Panel Cleaner (1998)

Tannewitz Band Saw

Economaster EM Stretch Wrap Machine

French Dove Tailer

Time Saver 8100-2CB Cross Belt Sander

Jenkins 143 Double End Trim & Shape

Mitsubishi Stock Picker

Weinig Rondamat 929

ISEL 292504 CNC Plastic Template Maker

Quincy 30HP Screw Air Compressor

T.B. 30 Snorkel Manlift

Millport Milling Machine

Millport Milling Machine

Lagun FTV-2S Milling Machine

Lagun FTV-2S Milling Machine

Acer AGS-1224AHD Surface Grinder 12 x 24

Tennant 530E Floor Scrubber

Rees-Memphis C1030-8 Dust Collector System

Portable Containment Room 28' x 12'

Stetson-Ross 8772 4-Head XL Moulder

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