Weeke Vantech 512 BHP 008 CNC Machining Center (2014)
Weeke Vantech 512 BHP 008 CNC Machining Center (2014)

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MATRIX Table 5' x 12' Table 5′ x 12′
  Working table length: 3700 mm (12' / 145 Inches)
  Working table width: 1550 mm (5' / 61 Inches)
  Workpiece thickness: maximum 100 mm (3.94 Inches)

Vacuum System:
  The machine design includes (4) four vacuum pumps with a total vacuum capacity of 432 m3/h, 60 Hz (4 x 108 m3/h, 60 Hz).  

Vertical Router Spindle
  HSK63 9.0 kW (12HP) spindle motor that includes an automatic tool change feature in combination with the tool change magazine.
  Direction of rotation: right hand / left hand
  Speed: 1,250 - 24,000 rpm stepless programmable
  Drive: frequency controlled AC-motor

Multi-Zone Processing

Automatic Tool Change
To increase flexibility and decrease cycle time, an automatic tool changer (ATC) is arranged near the left of the machine framework.

  Tool holder: HSK63
  Magazine places: 8 tool places

7-Spindle Vertical Drill Block 
  A vertical drilling block with seven (7) spindles is included.
  Special feature: Spindle clamping to achieve the drilling depth safely.
  Stroke Z-direction: 60 mm
  Drilling depth: maximum 38 mm (up to 55 mm for special borers)
  Direction of rotation: right hand/left hand
  Speed: 3,450 rpm
  Power: 1.5 kW

Reference Pins
There are seven (7) pneumatically actuated aluminum workpiece stops mounted around the machine table.  

Power Control PC85T
The Vantech 512 features a Microsoft Windows based control complete with intuitive software.  

Technical Specifications
HSK 63 Router Spindle Power: 9.0 kW/12.0 HP
(constant from 9000 rpm to 18000 rpm)
Router Spindle Speed: 1,250 24,000 rpm
Tool Magazine Capacity: 8
Pneumatic Reference Pins: 7
Vacuum Pump Capacity: 4  Pumps w/  total capacity 432 m3/h   
Working Length: 3700 mm/145"
Working Width: 1550 mm/61"
Maximum Workpiece Thickness: 100 mm

Axis Stroke/Positioning Speeds
X-Axis: 4890 mm/192.5″/72 m/min
Y-Axis: 1952 mm/76.75″/62 m/min
Z-Axis: 245 mm/9.6″/25 m/min
X/Y Vector Speed: 96 m/min
Installed Machine Weight: 7,936 lbs.



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Available by Private Negotiation Only

Available by Private Negotiation Only

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