Woodworking Equipment Auction in Ohio
Several locations relocated to Cincinnati, OH for convenience of auction. Weeke CNC Machining Centers - SELCO Panel Saw - Putsch-Meniconi Vertical Panel Saw - Gannomat Line Drilling Machine - Altendorf Sliding Table Saw - Entecco Dust Collector - Holz-Her Edgebander - STEMAS Feed Thru Moulding Sander - Other Woodworking Machinery & Equipment and more!
Cincinnati, OH
Bidding Closes: 11/30/21 @ 2:00 PM EDT
Lot # Description
1 Weeke Model BHP200 Optimat Flat Table CNC Machining Center (2005)
2 Weeke Model BHP200 Flat Table CNC Machining Center (2004)
3 Ritter Model R450V Raised Panel Door Assembly System (Unused)
4 Holzma Model HPP 82/43 Horizontal Panel Saw (2001)
5 Putsch-Meniconi Model SVP-133-EL/4200-SS Heavy Duty Vertical Panel Saw
6 SELCO Model EBN90 Horizontal Panel Saw
7 Entecco Model N1000 (4650 CFM) Dust Collector (Unused, in Crate)
9 Northtech Model CFS-18L Left Hand Pneumatic Under Cut-Off Saw
10 Whirlwind Model 212-LH Left Hand Pneumatic Under Cut-Off Saw
11 Casadei FLEXA 17 RM6 Type B 05 Edgebander
12 Holz-Her Model 1435 SE Single Sided Edgebander
13 Hoffman MORSO Model NFXL Manual Beaded Face Frame Notching Machine
14 STEMAS Model LSA06L0008 Six Spindle Feed Thru Moulding Sander
15 Scotchman BEWO Type CPO 350NF/PD Semi-Automatic Double Headed Cut-Off & Miter Cold Saw
16 CR Onsrud Model 750-SS Inverted Pin Router (2006)
17 Gannomat Pro-Line 50 Double Line Drilling Machine
18 Bulk Bid of Nederman 50 HP Industrial Blower, Duct Work & Fire Suppressant Unit - Includes all of Lot #18A, Lot #18B and Lot #18C
18A Nederman Model S56-500-0 Blower
18B Nederman Duct Work
18C Nederman ATEX 32 Diameter Fire Suppressant Unit
21 Bulk Bid of TigerStop TS06 (6') Automated Stop Gauge, (10') Long Solid Table & (8') Long Solid Table - Includes all of Lot #21A, Lot #21B and Lot #21C
21A Tigerstop Model TIGTS06 Automated Stop Gauge and Positioner
21B TigerStop Model TABNR08 Solid Table No Rollers (Unused)
21C TigerStop Model TABNR06 Solid Table No Rollers (Unused)
24 TigerStop Model TIGSGTAB08 Portable Table for a Saw Gear SG08 (Unused)
25 Bulk Bid of Maya UGR-06 Universal Guide Rail and Maya Single Swing Stops (12 Units) - Includes all of Lot #25A, Lot #25B and Lot #25C
25A MAYA Posi-Stop System Model UGR-06 6 Long Universal Guide Rail (Unused)
25B MAYA Posi-Stop System Model SW-01-D Single Swing Stop (Six (6) Units) - Unused
25C MAYA Posi-Stop System Model SW-01-D Single Swing Stop (Six (6) Units) - Unused
28 Altendorf Model F-90/2800 Non-Tilting Sliding Table Saw
29 Ritter Model R803 Four Spindle Horizontal Boring Machine
30 HMT Pneumatic Solid Roll Pinch Roller
31 Pneumatic Case Clamp
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