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Industrial Recovery Services
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Who We Are
Industrial Recovery Services, Inc. ("IRS") is a recognized leader in the selling of used industrial machinery and complete plants. IRS specializes in the valuation and conversion of machinery assets into liquid funds primarily through internationally advertised auctions. We also conduct orderly liquidations and private negotiated sales. Our executive offices are located in historic York, Pennsylvania, our nation’s first capital.

IRS Financial Clients
A few of our financial clients include Citigroup, CIT, Wells Fargo, General Electric Capital, Wachovia Bank, Citizens Bank, M & T Bank, Royal Bank of Canada, GMAC Commercial Finance and U.S. Bancorp. Additionally, many small banks and leasing companies have also enjoyed our services.

IRS Manufacturing Clients
Some of our manufacturing clients include Steelcase, Ethan Allen, Yamaha, Sanyo, Bassett Furniture, Pfaltzgraff, Broyhill Furniture, Jeld-Wen, Thomasville Furniture Industries and La-Z-Boy. IRS also offers solutions for smaller shops and plants.

Client Diversification
Our client experience spans woodworking machinery, machine tools, fabrication equipment, textile equipment, plastic extrusion equipment, ceramic equipment, forklifts, cars, trucks, work in progress, finished goods, raw materials, office furniture, IT equipment and all types of material handling machinery. Our asset disposition solutions are tailored to accommodate a broad spectrum of clients.

Industrial Auction Specialists
From expert evaluators and marketing consultants to well-seasoned auctioneers and IT professionals, the IRS team possesses the talent required to make your auction a success in today’s complicated market. Our expertise and attention to detail ensures that each step of your sale will be closely monitored, planned and executed with precision. Our practical experience of conducting thousands of industrial auctions has given IRS the foresight and technological innovation necessary to provide clients with a customized and strategic selling plan that yields optimum results.

Commitment & Flexibility
In addition to maximizing our clients return, IRS representatives have been uniquely trained to focus on our client’s specific needs. Whether it be a tight time frame or specialized marketing strategies, IRS carefully examines the needs of each client and finds solutions that work. The IRS "can do" attitude and flexibility, coupled with our unbelievable desire to win for our clients, keeps them coming back.


Auctions Online
Pioneered by IRS, the IRS "auction online" system is a marvel of engineering that combines proven, old-world auctioning concepts with today's technology. The result is a unified, highly competitive and intuitive environment for global auction buyers to compete. This unique system allows buyers to participate in real-time without leaving their office. The IRS online system works great for complete plants, and is also an effective tool for quickly turning surplus assets into cash.

On Location & Web-Cast Auctions
IRS has several highly-skilled auctioneers all of which consider auctioning an art form. IRS "on location" auctions are best known for their high-energy and enthusiastic environment. Our auctioneer’s familiarity with industrial equipment is evident to our buyers and attributes to the overall synergy on the auction floor. Many IRS on location auctions are supported by a simultaneous web-cast. This allows bidders from around the world to participate in real-time against the bidders on the premises.

Repossessions & Remarketing
IRS is a powerful ally for many financial institutions requiring equipment repossession and remarketing. IRS has the know-how and industry alliances to properly remove and transport industrial equipment. IRS also coordinates trucks and offers warehousing. Over the years we have learned to effectively negotiate difficult situations with landlords and tenants. Depending on the circumstance, IRS can often sell the repossessed equipment before it needs to be removed.

Our industrial appraisers have decades of experience in examining and determining the accurate value of any given object—from an entire plant all the way down to the smallest of items. IRS evaluators have been trained to factor in current market conditions, asset location, plant environment and many other important factors that determine value.

Auction Setup
IRS setup professionals take asset presentation and lot ordering very seriously. Large quantities of photos, meticulously written specifications and operational videos allow our buyers to make informed decisions. It has been our experience that informed buyers bid more aggressively. We pride ourselves in making your assets a first-class showcase.

Marketing & Advertising
Let IRS put our time-tested, international database—consisting of thousands of diverse, repeat IRS buyers—to work for you. We’ll send hardcopy mailers and/or interactive e-mailers to a large list of buyers seeking your specific types of machinery. As your mail campaign and print media are launched, knowledgeable representatives from IRS will be available to answer questions and assist prospective buyers on the bidding process and use of IRS bidding software.


A large furniture company (5th plant auction conducted by IRS for this company) had contracted with IRS to auction off the machinery and equipment of its 500,000 Sq. Ft. plant in order for the facility to be transformed into a distribution center. The below statistics apply to the auction closing days for this auction only.

Total hits 4,664,458
Average hits per day 777,409
Average hits per visitor 284.71
Cached requests 1,253,522

Page Views
Total page views 859,392
Average page views per day 143,232
Average page views per visitor 52.46

Total visitors 16,383
Average visitors per day 2,730
Total unique IPs 6,327

Data Transferred
Total data 35.5 GB
Average data per day 5.89 GB

Bandwidth Utilization
Approx. peak auction hour average 2.9 MB/sec.

Total number of lots in the auction 1,277
Total number of photos taken and uploaded 7,615
Total number of e-mailers sent out 79,884
Total number of hard copy mailers printed and mailed 30,000
Trade journal advertising circulation 47,000

Auction Participants
Total number of registered bidders 2579
Total number of buyers 629

Total Reserve
Total Reserve $530,985.00

Auction Proceeds
Projected auction bring w/o buyers premium $2,270,000.00
Actual auction bring w/o buyers premium $2,793,590.00
Auction bring overage - 23% over projection $523,590.00



Steelcase, Inc. "In regards to the equipment liquidation at Steelcase's Fletcher North Caroline Plant, I personally wanted to thank you and your company for the very professional and complete job that was done. Your company did what you said it could do and exceeded expectations.If in the future I needed to liquidate a plant and its equipment I would without hesitation use you company again."

Don Chase
Superintendent, Project Manager
Steelcase, Inc.

JELD-WEN Engineering "The online auction of our Alabama facility far exceeded our expectations. We were shocked to see the auction revenue almost double our projected outcome. The setup of the sale was done with professionalism and strict attention to detail. IRS certainly knows machinery and how to maximize dollars for its clients."

Craig Rappe
JELD-WEN Engineering

Merillat "It has been a pleasure working with you. You and your staff are professionals, who do "walk the talk". If the need for asset liquidation should come again, you can trust that you will be the first person we will call for assistance."

James P. Olszewski
Corporate Manager of Facilities Engineering,
Merillat Corporate Office

Bassett "The online auctions of our Bassett, VA and Mr. Airy, NC plants were well administered and meticulously organized. Your advertising efforts were well thought out and extremely effective. The IRS marketing team did a great job finding additional buyers from our area and from different industries. Thank you for a job well done."

Keith Sanders
Executive VP Operations

National Bank of Commerce "We could not have been more pleased with the results achieved by Larry Liebgott and the entire team at IRS Auctions. The results to the bank were better than our optimistic projections.I would welcome inquiries from any financial institution interested in using the services of IRS Auctions."

Robert B. Aland
Executive Vice President

Michels South Carolina, Inc. "You and your team were truly wonderful in getting maximum results for the manufacturing assets. The whole process, from start to finish was completed to everyone’s satisfaction. Most importantly, when the sale was over I received a timely detailed settlement and a larger check than expected."

Kevin O’ Halloran

Vaughan Furniture Co. "Industrial Recovery Services did a great job selling our surplus machinery. All of the equipment was removed in several weeks and the plant was converted into a distribution center. Great job IRS!"

Press Turbyfill

Mid-States Container Corporation Being a family business ourselves, it certainly was a pleasure dealing with people who really cared enough to take the time to do things right.Through the experience and professionalism of your staff, Mid-States Container was able to maximize our return beyond our expectations on the day of the sale. If we ever have another need for your services we wouldn’t even consider anyone else.

Walter L. Lamb

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