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Our Story

It all started back in 1936 when Roy Liebgott borrowed $100 from his mother to start Carpenters Machinery. Over 85 years later, the Liebgott Family continues their legacy in the Woodworking Industry.

Roy Liebgott
Electric Carpenter
The Electric Carpenter
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1935 - 1940

In 1935, Roy Liebgott started Carpenter's Machinery Company ("Carpenter's") with $100 that he borrowed from his mother. Carpenter's single product was "The Electric Carpenter", a multi-purpose Woodworking Machine. A year later, Carpenter's became a local machinery dealer specializing in various types of new Woodworking Machinery. Roy was one of the first Woodworking Machinery dealers in the United States to import, stock and sell machinery manufactured by SCMI.

1941 - 1945

In 1941, the US entered World War ll. During the war, metals were rationed, and many US manufacturers were manufacturing weapons and military equipment, thus new Woodworking Machinery was unavailable, leaving Carpenters Machinery with nothing to sell. Necessity being the mother of invention, Roy began buying and selling used Woodworking Machinery.

1962 - 1970

In 1962, Roy's son Larry Liebgott came to work for Carpenters Machinery. Although Carpenter's Machinery sold both new and used Woodworking Machinery, Larry had a special interest in used Woodworking Machinery and began to drastically increase Carpenter's used Woodworking Machinery inventory.

1971 - 2003

Larry acquired thirteen different locations throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey to house Carpenter's Machinery's enormous used Woodworking Machinery inventory. Larry grew Carpenter's Machinery from a regional dealership to the largest used Woodworking Machinery dealer in the world. Larry became one of the largest investors in Woodworking plants to be auctioned.

Larry Liebgott
Keith Liebgott
Keith Liebgott
Ian Liebgott

1982 - 2003

In 1982, Larry's son Keith Liebgott came to work for Carpenters Machinery. In 1998, Keith created the "The Carpenter's Exchange" a publication that documented Carpenter's enormous used Woodworking Machinery inventory. Keith developed a nationwide network of Woodworking Machinery dealers to promote and sell from Carpenter's enormous used Woodworking Machinery inventory.

1986 - 2003

In 1986, Larry's son Ian Liebgott came to work for Carpenters Machinery. Like Larry, Ian also had a primary interest in used Woodworking Machinery and furthered the company's success in selling used machinery. After many years of attending auction sales with Larry to acquire equipment, Ian developed a passion for auctions and became a licensed auctioneer.

IRS Auctions

1996 - 2002

In 1996 Larry, Keith & Ian form Industrial Recovery Service, Inc. ("IRS Auctions"), an industrial auction company specializing in Woodworking plant auctions. IRS Auctions conducts "Live Auctions" on location. Ian becoming a skilled auctioneer furthered the auction company's success.


IRS Auctions pioneers the first industrial "Online Only" auction platform ("") focused on selling Woodworking Machinery and complete Woodworking plants.

IRS Auctions Website

2002 - 2006

Industrial Recovery Services conducts predominantly "Live Webcast Auctions", auctions performed live on location with simultaneous internet bidder participation. Meanwhile, IRS Auction's proprietary "Online Only" auction platform continues to grow in popularity among Woodworking manufacturers, becoming the largest marketplace for used Woodworking Machinery in North America.

2006 - Current

IRS Auctions transitions from "Live Webcast Auctions" to solely its' proprietary "Online Only" auction platform. Today, IRS Auctions has (4) fulltime skilled auctioneers on staff, all with extensive knowledge in the Woodworking Industry. IRS Auctions has become the most called upon authority relating to the sale of 'Used Woodworking Machinery & Woodworking Plants', resulting in the Woodworking Industry dubbing IRS Auctions the 'Woodworking Machinery Auction Specialists'.